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Jerome Randle and The U.N.L.M.T.E.D. Family are coming to Hawaii June 3rd-7th! Limited Space - Registration Begins April 14, 2022 The U.N.L.M.T.E.D. Clinic focus on the individual, not just the basketball player. By using a holistic approach, our goal is not only to meet the physical needs of players, but also to support their emotional social, and spiritual well-being. The U.N.L.M.T.E.D. brand was established in 2021 by Jerome Randle. As a professional, Jerome understands that these Seven Core Competencies is required for a well-rounded player: U- uniqueness, N-navigation, L-life, M-molding, T-tenacity, E-endurance, and D-determination. The U.N.L.M.T.E.D Clinic exceeds the expectation of an ordinary basketball camp, and we understand that the sport is inclusive. Therefore, family engagement is extremely important to us. Our clinic will help its participants to develop genuine support systems; create a health and well plan; teach players how to conduct themselves as professionals; provide mentorships; learn the road blocks; maintain a development journey; create aftercare plans; and provide skill training. By joining the U.N.L.M.T.E.D Clinic, you’ll have an opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. You’ll also work with a comprehensive team and obtain guidance from a professional who’s already traveled the path.

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